20 Home Renovations That Add The Most Value

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Increasing your home’s value is the dream of many, particularly if you are planning on selling soon. You don’t need any over-the-top expensive renovations or upgrades to your property. Small DIY renovations can be done quickly and with the minimum skills required.

Boost Your Property’s Value With These 20 Renovations

Let’s check out the top 20 renovations to increase your home’s value right away.

1. Smart Home

Smart technology can do everything from heating your home, turning on appliances, setting an alarm, controlling the blinds, and much more. Homes with in-built smart technology are very appealing to young buyers and busy parents.

2. Details

Making slight improvements throughout your home can make a huge difference in the amount offered for your home. If your home is bare, add some homely products that could make a family imagine living there.

3. Re-Patch and Repaint

Look out for the standard wear and tear you will find in your home after living there for years. Door handle marks on the walls, chips on the wall, and other markings that your kids or pets might have left over the years.

4. Upgrade the Basement

Remove all the dusty things that have been gathering in your basement over the years. The spare boxes, bike with a missing chain, or weird ornament you bought at a flea market but haven’t found a place for it yet. Making space and freshening up the basement can add a lot of value to your home.

5. Get Rid of Carpets

Carpets are outdated and need to be removed and replaced with laminate flooring. Carpets that have been there for quite a while will need to be taken out to give the place a fresh look.

6. Deck Lighting

Adding some lighting to your decking can boost security, modernize your home, and make your home look bigger from the outside. Landscape lighting can be done quite easily, you don’t have to be an electrician to do an installation. A standard GFCI receptacle can supply a low-voltage through a transformer to power the lights – a safer option than using standard wiring from your house.

7. Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes can be installed quickly and without much technical knowledge. Add to your kitchen’s design by adding a backsplash and help reduce the effects of moisture. Kitchen backsplashes are also very easy to clean and maintain.

8. Enhance Your Kitchen With Some Lighting

Kitchens are one of the main selling points for homes. Adding the right lighting can cause potential buyers to imagine themselves in your kitchen with their family or friends. Lights can be put under the cupboards or moved to other parts of the roof to give it a different feel.

9. Coat of Paint

Adding a coat of paint to a room can instantly give it life. You can completely rejuvenize the interior of your home for less than 50 bucks. A small investment that can add value to your home, and most likely that will be a lot more than $50.

10. Insulation

Adding insulation to your attic can add value to your home and it’s relatively straightforward to do so. Insulation can help reduce energy costs as it helps to maintain the heat, a definite selling point. Even if you are not planning on selling your home, the savings on energy costs will put money in your pocket either way.

11. Add a Steel Door

First impressions matter. A steel door will be the first thing a potential buyer will lay their eyes on when entering your home. Giving a feeling of security and modernism, a steel door is a simple renovation project that could increase the value of your home.

12. Stone Veneer

A manufactured stone veneer will make a statement to any potential buyer. Beautifully designed and relatively cheap compared to the potential value it could add to your property. If you are handy, you could add stone veneer or you can outsource the project to a contractor.

13. Remodel Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t have to be a super-expensive renovation. Repainting furniture, giving the floor a new coat of varnish, or adding different fixtures could increase your home’s value with minimal input and investment.

14. Replace Garage Door

Garage doors are very noticeable and could make a bad first impression when potential buyers arrive. Installing a new garage door could be beneficial for your home’s value. If you don’t want to spend that much, you can maybe sand the outside and add a fresh coat of paint.

15. Fibreglass Front Door

Fiberglass doors are very modern and stylish. Compared to standard wooden doors, they don’t stick in summer or let a cold draft in during winter. Fiberglass doors are more secure than other types of front doors as they withstand a larger impact.

16. Upgrade Siding

Siding on the outside of your home plays a part in first impressions and appraisers’ recommended evaluation. Replacing the siding isn’t too difficult and it won’t break the bank to do so. You can pick siding up at most hardware stores for a good price.

17. Replace Your Windows

Replacing your windows will add value to your home. Modern windows will keep your house secure, prevent heat from escaping, and help reduce outside noise. Old windows are off-putting for potential buyers as they know they will need to eventually replace the windows and this could be an expensive thing to do.

18. Design For Everyone

Don’t limit your home’s potential buyers by not being able to facilitate an elderly or disabled person living there. Building a wheelchair ramp isn’t necessary, but creating a home that is universally designed will appeal to a broad range of buyers.

19. Replacing Your Roof

Investing in a new roof could substantially increase your home’s value. A new roof might seem like a very expensive way to increase your home’s value, but it will have an exponential effect on the price of the property.

20. Add a Patio/Porch

Adding some decking to the outside of your property can immediately add value to your home. A porch is a top selling point for families and people who like to spend time outside in the summer.

Home Renovations That Add The Most Value

Home Renovations That Add The Most Value – Recap

Home renovations can add tremendous value to your home. The good news is that you don’t need to break the bank doing so. Many renovations can be done by DIY. Even just a lick of paint can transform your home and add value.

Investing in a kitchen renovation or new roof will of course add substantial value to your home, but if that’s not feasible you can simply make some simple lighting renovations.


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